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Josai University delegation visited DUT

Jul 20, 2018 Shi Jinlu

The Murai Takashi¡°In Memory of Takashi Mukaibo¡±Scholarship and Mizuta Mikio Scholarship Awarding Ceremony was held in DUT. On June 20th,Mr. Ono, the deputy chairman of the Board of Josai University, and Mr. Ichimura ,the son of the former consultant Mr. Ichii Takayuki, visited DUT. Principle Guo Dongming met with Mr. Ono Shimotono and his team. Assistant Principal Luo Zhongxuan, the head of the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, the Graduate School, and the School of Foreign Languages also attended the meeting.


Principle Guo Dongming said that the friendship between DUT and Josai University had a long history. It was hoped that the two universities would further expand the breadth of cooperation and strengthen the docking of advantageous disciplines. Under the framework of the¡°Friendship in classmates¡±program, students would be free to go to the other campus for the same class, gaining a double campus experience, building a deep friendship with the classmates, which further promoted the international development of characteristics and friendly exchanges between China and Japan.


Deputy Chairman Ono said that he hoped to further expand the cooperation field through this visit, and promote better and faster development of the two universities, and cultivate more high-level composite talents with international vision.


On the morning of the same day, The¡°In Memory of Takashi Mukaibo¡±Murai Takashi Scholarship and Mizuta Mikio Scholarship Awarding Ceremony were held in the second conference room of the International Conference Center. At the meeting, Mr. Murai and Mr. Ono donated fund to the two scholarships. And Mr. Luo Zhongxuan accepted the donation on behalf of DUT.


On behalf of DUT, Luo Zhongxuan expressed his deep tribute and lofty respect to Mr.Takashi Mukaibo, Mr. Murai, and Mr. Miyuki Sansuke, who were committed to Sino-Japanese friendship and gave long-term concern and support for the development of education to DUT.


In his speech, Mr. Ono and Mr. Murai said that they hoped to inherit the careers that their predecessors have adhered to for decades, and continue to work hard to promote the friendly exchanges between China and Japan.